Summer Countdown: Get ready NOW with these 5 beauty tips


It’s official – the cold, wet days, endless shivering and often harsh conditions are officially behind us (hurrah!) but with Spring here, the thought of baring our white legs and pasty, dry, Winter skin can be a tad overwhelming!

Avoid panicked, streaky faux tans and frantic exercise and follow our 5 step plan to getting Summer ready.

1. Slowly, but surely

If you start going flat out with cardio, it can actually have the reverse effect. Regular walking is scientifically proven to be better for not only your body, but your mind also. From here, you can build up to running. This is definitely a smarter and more sustainable move.

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2. Best Tressed

We all know that air conditioning, sea water and chlorine are all major hair zappers, draining moisture and increasing breakages. Instead of worrying in the peak of Summer, start working from within now to get them strong, healthy and ready for the heat wave ahead. Up your protein and omega-3 by eating more of foods such as salmon, walnuts and eggs.

3. Go Faux

Before running to store to get your fave fake tan, remember that your skin is drier and paler than in the middle of summer so a more subtle shade is necessary.

Prep comes first though – ensure you’ve exfoliated all the dead skin cells from your tracky wearing legs and sloughed off the crocodile skin from your elbows. You’ll want to exfoliate head to toe (not so hard that you’re blistering red when you finish though) and finish with a healthy lathering of moisturiser.

Of course, a girl can always treat herself to a professional spray tan by a beautician who’ll offer an even, subtle glow.

Remember, the key here is to show a healthy glow, not a fake “I’ve just spent six weeks sun baking in Santorini” look.

4. Feet First

If the bottom of your feet look like a dried up river bed (oops – guilty) than a professional or at home pedi is a must. Its’ strange how good feet are an instant confidence booster when wearing open shoes.

After soaking your tootsies in some warm warm, try a DIY scrub using some brown sugar, honey and olive oil (or virgin coconut oil if you have it) – it’s all natural, exfoliating and smells delish!

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5. Go Shopping

We’re not suggesting you overhaul your entire wardrobe or  maxing out your credit card, but a few key pieces that scream “Spring is here” will boost feel good pheromones as well as ensure you keep on top of your Summer beauty routine!

Spring Closet

Hanalei Floral Playsuit

Hanalei Floral Playsuit

Hanalei Floral Playsuit

Lost In Alila

Rise & Shine Tunic

Emelie Fringed Kimono

Emelie Fringed Kimono

Emelie Fringed Kimono

Devotion Lace Dress

Devotion Lace Dress

Devotion Lace Dress