Off White Lace Dress

off white lace dress

givenchy couture 2010

Givenchy Couture 2010

 This season there is a white out – and it’s anything but boring.

It’s a grown-up femininity and a chic fashion mood, with emphasis on freshness and ease of wear. The delicate nature of lace with the purity that is white (and off white) are such a perfect combination.

The Off-White dress is going to be pretty much a staple for for years to come.


Off White Lace DressCelebrities in Off-White Lace Dresses


olsen white lace dressSelena Gomez shows how to wear the trend at Coachella in this 70s inspired piece.

Selena Gomez Coachella Boho Chic white Lace Dress

Off white lace dress

Off White Lace Dress

From slick, modern and masculine, to floaty, ethereal and romantic, there’s more than one way to wear the off-white lace dress this season. Don’t be afraid to wear it simple and sheer over a contrasting black bra. If that’s not you, it still looks beautiful with a nude coloured slip underneath.

Off White Lace Dress

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Don’t be fooled into believing white makes you look bigger  either- it all depends on the cut of the dress. Even black dresses, which are supposed to be slimming, can make you look heavier than you are if the cut isn’t flattering.  Too tight and it creates a disharmony. Too big, and it adds unnecessary bulk. It’s always recommended to know roughly what your measurements are as this will help when it comes to buying anything online especially.

Off White Dress

Spell Deign Maxi Dress

off white dress

off white lace dress

Off White Lace Dress

Off White Lace Dress

Off White Lace Dress

Off White LaceDress

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